Private Transfer

When looking for a transfer in Mykonos, in and around the island of Mykonos it can be very important to have a private transfer to and from the airport to where you will be staying.  Safety and security should always be of the utmost concern on your mind.  We know it is always on our mind. In fact, it is our top priority in every transfer we do.

When you travel away from home into unfamiliar territory whether a transfer or rent a car in Mykonos it can be a source of peace to know that someone has your best interest at heart, to know that you can trust someone.  We want that someone to be us.

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Private Chauffeur

There is always an option for a private driver, so if you want a chauffeur in order to guide you around with safety, please let us know!

  • Brand New Cars
  • Below 1000 Km Each
  • Full Insurance
  • Option For a Second Driver
  • Private Chauffeur – Transfers
  • 24/7 Help Desk

Our Services

We take our transfer Mykonos and rent a car Mykonos services to you very seriously; we know travel can be unexpected and doesn’t always happen at a certain time.  That is why we offer our luxury van services as last minute bookings. We are here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days week, meeting your travel needs whenever they arise.

We offer luxury transfer services in top notch vehicles.  We have a brand-new fleet of vehicles and our pricing is reasonable and affordable so you can enjoy our Island and your travel plans with peace of mind.

Our transfer services and rent a car services to and from the airport are flexible and we visit every part of the island.  So, wherever you want to be or want to go we can get you there, safely and in a timely, friendly manner.

Customer Service

Our staff of professionally trained individuals are experienced in all aspects of the transportation industry and rent a car services. They offer you quality transportation services in an environment that is trusting and safe so you can relax easy.

Customer Care

We run a family owned business which makes us more personal and caring to your needs and unique situations regarding transfer in Mykonos unlike some National brands that are overstaffed and not as familiar with the Island, we are better able to meet your needs in a caring and understanding manner which has your best interest at heart.

Our drivers are professional and experienced so your private transfer can happen in a smooth fashion offering you luxury and peace you deserve.


When you are traveling to the Island of Mykonos and looking for a rent a car there, we are here to meet all your private transfer needs in a professional, experienced and trusting way that has your interest at the top of our list.  We take you needs and wants seriously.  We offer services that surpass all the others because we are a family run business that cares.

Our services are offered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at the last minute for any situation that may arise in your travels. Our drivers take your safety and security to heart and work tirelessly to assist you in your travels and transfers around no matter where on the Island you need to come and go.

Turn to us when you travel, we will bring you top quality care in a professional manner, day or night for whatever transportation needs you might have.

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